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Art For You

Have you ever wanted me to do a unique art piece just for you?  Something that would mean more to you than it would to anyone else?  More so, would you like to have your very own one of a kind art piece by me that no one else will ever get?

Well now you can for just $5!!

As of July 9, 2013, I’ve done 57 pieces(click here to see them) with 232 hours invested, that’s an average of 4 hours per piece, which is $1.25 an hour. Is your time worth $1.25 an hour?  Take advantage of this major deal while it last.

How this works:

1)  You send me $5 and a picture for me to work with. 

BUT JOE! I don’t have a picture, can you do one anyways?  Yes being the short answer.  If you don’t have a picture yourself to send, but you’d still like to have your own unique piece then you can pick from the list of categories (listed below) of the type of piece you’d like done.

For example!!  Let’s say you wanted a flower type piece and your favorite flower is a Sunflower, so you could either send me a picture of the sunflower, or you say “Joe do something with a sunflower”
You would get something like this:


Or a more recent example a friend loves Beetlejuice, so I did this:

This is not a work for hire event.  You’re not hiring me to design an art piece exactly how you want I hold the right to refuse any image/idea request.  If I cannot work with the image you send me, I will notify you, and have you send me another until I get one which I can work with.  There are no refunds.
You can look through my 600+ art pieces and you’ll get an idea of the types of images to send me, or type of art piece to request.

2)  Once I get your image (one which I can work with) or category/concept I work my magic, and once I’m finished (24-72 hour turnaround) you can see it in all it’s glory.  This is what the initial $5 is for, however the image will be optimized for the internet, with a watermark, not suitable for any printingIf you’d like to own the high resolution printable file watermark free, here’s what you do:

To get the orginal full high resolution file/image, (which you’ll be free to do with as you please).

You pay whatever you choose!!  You pay based on how much the art piece seems worth to you within your own range of what you can afford. I know the economy has hit a lot of people, unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcy is everywhere.  I don’t expect, nor do I ask for anything outside of your means.  I’ll send you the full high resolution image which you can do whatever you like with, print it off as much as you like.  It’s yours for life and I will never use it, or have it printed, you’ll own the only copy of the file.  I will however maintain rights to display in my personal online porfolio, but I will not use it for anything commerical, only display in digital means, never printed.  I’ve had a few ask, so now I will add this feature in, if you wish to not have the image displayed publically, please let me know, I am more than happy to work with you.  For example, I have a client that had me do a nude piece but she does not want it public, due to her request I will not ever display it, she and she alone will have those rights, but please let me know beforehand.

To give you an idea of exactly what you’re getting in this deal, the normal cost to hire me to do a commissioned piece is $150 +cost of printing/shipping.  To buy the print rights of a digital file is a flat $500.  So for $5, you’re saving $145 just to get me to do an art piece for you, and am giving you the digital printing file for anything you feel it’s worth to you.  I’m not asking for $500, nor do I want anyone to feel as if they need to pay that much (unless you can and you feel the art is worth that).  I believe that personal growth from creating and viewing art, is a gift that everyone should have access to.  I create art for the desire to make people feel something, be it negative or positive. I just want to tug at the emotional soul of the living. If I do this for you, then let me know your appreciation!  You’re going to get my full time, heart, and soul being poured into each piece.  I leave it entirely in your hands on deciding what the art is worth to you.  If all you can afford is $50, or $25, or $10, I believe in the integrity of life that you will reward what you can.  If I spend 3 hours on a piece and someone can only pay me $10, I will still feel honored that they appreciate what I created.  You cannot rob from me, only yourself.


It’s really that simple.  $5 gets you started.  I’ll pour out my heart and soul into each and every piece.  I’ve provided you with two different options to obtain your own art piece.


To get started: 


Once I receive payment I’ll contact you by e-mail to get your image or category/idea.


If you have any questions, send me an Email or contact me on facebook


What I’ve Done For Others:

List of Categories of my art and examples:

Below is a good set of examples of the type of artwork I do, and the poses/scenes that I work with the most.  If you were to want a portrait you can look through my portrait examples and my other artwork to get a good idea of what kind of image to send me.

Video Games / Movies
Still Life
Emotive Poses / People


To get started:

Once I receive payment I’ll contact you by e-mail to get your image or category/idea.


If you have any questions, send me an Email or contact me on facebook